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  Our prices are competitive with the best in Houston and we strive to maintain our 5 star review rating.

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LogCutters Tree Service provides affordable tree care for both our residential clients as well as our commercial clients in the city of Houston, TX and all surrounding cities. We strive to provide the best service our industry provides by going the extra mile for our customers. We stand by our work and look forward to building a future as your "Go To" Tree Care provider.

Stump Grinding

Houston, TX | Tree Trimming Services

LogCutters | Houston, TX offer Tree Trimming Services for those who may need light or heavy tree crown reduction. We offer seasonal pricing as well as tree shaping which allows the owner to shape the tree to meet city regulations or for aesthetics.

  What Tree Trimming Services do we provide?

Tree Trimming - Tree crown reduction is recommended for various reasons all of which help the tree's health. Structural pruning or removal of heavy interior sucker growth help the lawn by allowing more sunlight penetration which promotes grass growth.

Dead wood & broken branch removal - The removal of all the dead and broken branches on the tree so the tree heals without decaying and attracting insects or growing fungi.

Crown Thinning - This is the process of thinning the core of the crown and allowing for wind to pass thru more freely; doing so creates less wind drag, which could save your tree in high wind storms or hurricanes.

Crown Reduction - This is the process of removing the outer exterior of the crown, following its natural curve to keep a natural look on the crown of the tree. (note we do not trim more than 30 percent of the tree's crown as it will harm the tree)


Canopy Raising - This is the trimming of the bottom of the tree's crown, allowing for a higher clearance beneath the tree.  We specialize in raising the canopy evenly, making it look very sharp.


Pruning -  This is a fine and more precise way of trimming, removing select branches and twigs, for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

We offer quick and affordable tree removal of all varieties and sizes of trees. Fully insured LogCutters Tree Service has the experience and skills to remove even the most difficult or hazardous trees.  For example, we have specialties in:


What else do you offer?


Houston, TX | Tree Removal Services

  • Pinpoint Tree Drops - Narrow access or tight areas where some trees have grown can be almost impossible for some tree care providers to safely remove. However, LogCutters has safeguards and methods for removing such troublesome trees without any damage at all to fences, property, or lawn.

  • Dead Tree Removal - We also offer safe dead tree removal services along with dangerous tree removals, which are trees that are near homes or business structures.

  • Tree Removal - These trees grow tall, and are easily removable for any tree care provider; however, with LogCutters, our clients not only have the service done properly and quickly, they get their service at a great price.  We always offer FREE estimates.                                             

  • Tree Trimming - Our climbers are trained by Certified Arborists to ensure your trees are trimmed properly and not being stressed out or harmed. We do not spike any trees we are trimming. Our climbers use ascending equipment to climb the tree and do not spike into the trunk and harm the tree.  Not all tree services do this.

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Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, Huffman, Crosby, Conroe, Willis, Spring, The Woodlands, Cleveland, Splendora, New Caney, Porter, Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Magnolia, Sugar land, Pearland, Katy, Pinehurst, Heights, Rice Village, New Waverly, Richmond, Baytown, Liberty, Moss Hill, Livingston, Shepherd, Rosenberg, Alvin, Mont Belvieu, League City, Bellaire, Cinco Ranch, Jersey Village, Montgomery, Pecan Grove, Rosenberg, Mission Bend, Eastgate, Dayton, Sheldon, Pasadena, South Houston, Deer Park, LaPorte, Seabrook, Kemah, Friendswood, Sienna Plantation, Fulshear, Greatwood, Fresno, Channelview, Beach City, Grangerland, Hockley, Egypt, Aldine, Meadows Place, Coldspring, Panorama Village, Cut and Shoot, Kenefick, Macedonia, Goodrich, Hightower, Rayburn, Rye, Beaumont, The Galleria, River Oaks, Downtown, Memorial, Spring Branch, Montrose, Midtown, Westchase, West University, and more!

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We use the right tool for the job utilizing heavy equipment like cranes, skid steers, grinders and more to get our task finished on time and on budget!

Why Remove a Tree?

  There are many reasons to remove a tree from your property including risk managment, evasive root systems near foundations, lightning strikes, insect invasion, or to simply open up your yard and create more space.  no matter the reason LogCutters can help.

5 reasons to remove a tree

  1. Tree may be dead or dying due to bug infestation or tree disease/fungi.

  2. Tree may be in the way of construction or a site for construction.

  3. Tree is to close to a home or property and is a high risk.

  4. Tree is in a dangerous spot like near power lines or cable lines.

  5. Open up room so that sunlight can penetrate and promote grass growth.

Do you need multiple trees removed or land or a lot that needs clearing?