Stump grinding is the easiest way to remove a stump after tree removal. It will turn your stump into a fluffy mound of mulch for you to use in flower beds. Talk to one of our stump grinding specialists to get a free quote on your stumps today.   The more stumps you have, the more money you save.

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Benefit of Stump Removal

There are Many Benefits in having a tree stump removed. A great example of one is the removal of habitat for unwelcome guests. What do I mean by this? Well Tree Stumps are the remains of a tree after it has been removed either by a tree service provider or by nature.  Like all remains, they decay, but not all at once. Some areas decay faster than others. And in some cases, areas develop holes or crevices that can be quite cozy for some animals

Stump Grinding

Tree Stumps become a haven for insects, mold and fungi!


Another great reason is to revitalize your soil! Yes, the remains left from most tree stumps known as "mulch" are full of potential nitrate and nutrients that can enrich the soil. The smaller wood chips break down much faster in this form and help feed the subterranean macro life, like worms and dirt-dwelling insects. They in turn enrich the soil with their excrement which provides needed nutrients for plants and lawn grass. This can be a great aspect of stump removal for those with a project in mind for the new space.

Create New Places for Progress

Other times stumps can be a problem for those needing to have some minor or major construction completed. The size or place of the stump could be a problem for your plans. Our stump removal service is affordable and budget friendly for all incomes, so that we can provide you the opportunity to go on with your day without the stress high priced services.

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Make your Dreams Reality

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What is Tree Mulch


Enriched soil allows for plants to thrive!

Tree Mulch is the remains of the shredded pieces of the tree's core root system commonly referred to as a stump and the soil around the roots. These remains are mixed together as the stump grinder or wood chipper removes the stump. The new soft wood-chipped filled soil is now saturated with nitrogen and fresh nutrients for the macro life in the soil. 

There will usually be an over abundance of mulch depending on the size of the tree stump, in which case we always recommend spreading it out or adding it to a flowered area to "super charge" the soil with natural nitrates and nutrients. This in turn will provide plants with more nutrients to draw from the soil.


Fun Fact about Your Soil

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Nitrogen-fixing bacteria

Tiny Green Plants

Did you know that there are symbiotic life forms that live off of the roots of your plants? And did you also know that these life forms help the plants roots to provide MORE nutrients to the plant?  These Microorganisms are known as "rhizobia". These root nodules attach themselves to the plant's roots system and have the nitrogen-fixing bacteria that benefit the plant.

Would you like to know how mulch or our Arborist can help you get the best looking lawn in the neighborhood?  


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